Review of 2015

Review of 2015

With the year coming to an end I was going to start working on my new year resolutions that I do every year. But then I started thinking and thought back to what 2015 brought me and what opportunities and accomplishments I achieved during the year. So before posting my New Year’s Resolutions I want to share with you my highlights of 2015. Enjoy! 🙂

January 1st, 2015- Leavenworth, WA

January 3rd, 2015- Snowboarding at 49 Degrees North

February 2015- Completed Insanity by Shaun T (fitness program)

February 2015- Visited my best friend in Portland, OR

March 2015- Completed 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels (fitness program)

April 2015- Visited my best friend in Portland, OR

May 2015- Visited my friend in Seattle, WA

May 2015- Missionary Trip to Mexico (Ensenada, Mexicali, and San Luis Rio Colorado)

August 2015- Trip to Sacramento, CA

August 2015- 5K Color Run in Sacramento, CA

August 2015- Seattle,WA & Bellevue,WA and meet Francis Chan (author of Crazy Love) 

August 2015- My Birthday party in Spokane, WA

September 2015- Started working at the college library

November 2015- Portland, OR for best friends wedding

November 2015- Visited grandparents in Seattle, WA

December 17th, 2015- Passed my citizenship test

Overall, I have been so blessed this year. I have made so much memories and looking forward to see what God will bring in 2016!


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