Vacationing in Florida

Vacationing in Florida

With the weather we are having in the Pacific Northwest I was happy to vacation in Florida this summer and get some much needed vitamin D!. We (my sister and two cousins) landed in Orlando, Florida close to midnight. After finding our terminal for the shuttle to our car rental place we loaded up our baggage and were on our way. The humidity was pretty crazy! As we were sitting in the shuttle all the windows were fogged up and wet from how muggy the air was! And it was hot outside! Even though it was already midnight. When we got to the car rental place we were charged $170 dollars more then what we already paid through Expedia and we weren’t aware of the toll’s on practically EVERY exit! We decided to pay a little extra for the week long toll pass since we were gonna be headed to Jacksonville the next day and will be able to avoid the constant stops to pay the tolls.

After finally getting our car, with less money in our pocket then we planned on, we headed to our hotel hoping we would have a better experience there. We made sure to book a hotel that wasn’t far from the airport. We ended up choosing Country Inn & Suites by Carlson for our hotel in Orlando. If you are looking for a hotel next to the Orlando Airport book here! It’s close to all the restaurants and stores and their service is amazing! The beds are nice and clean and they have huge warm blankets and best of all they have waffles for breakfast! 🙂 Honestly I liked this hotel more then the Holiday Inn we stayed at in Jacksonville.

The next morning we were headed to Jacksonville. On the drive there we decided to stop by the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine. Since we were all already starving we decided to make our first stop to get food. We made the best decision by choosing Casa Maya for some Mexican food. We loved their food so much that we stopped by there again on the way back to Orlando at the end of the trip.

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And if you’re wondering, wasn’t I hot wearing jeans and a t-shirt, YES, YES I was. I was sweating so bad and it was not a pretty sight ( I learned my lesson, to wear shorts and a tank top when we stopped in St. Augustine again on our way back to Orlando).

After getting settled in to our hotel, just minutes from Neptune Beach, we headed to once again eat (how come all we ever do when we go on vacation is to eat all the time?). Since we all love sushi we decided to try out Fuji Sushi. We loved this place! They had a lot of different types of rolls. We came back here probably three more times during our stay in Florida.

The evenings were so beautiful by the beach. We would come down every single night to watch the sunset and run around in the sand (our rental car was so sandy by the end of the trip that we had to go vacuum the whole car).

We were also able to see some dolphins in the ocean just couple hundred feet from the shore! I got so excited when I seen them that I dropped my phone into the wet sand and sadly was able to capture a tiny little fin in the distance (thankfully my phone didn’t stop working).

Vacationing in Florida was a success! It was sad to say goodby to the beautiful beaches but I know there are many more places to explore and travel to. Comment below what your guys favorite place to vacation in the summer?!



3 thoughts on “Vacationing in Florida

  1. I’m glad you liked Florida. I lived there for 21 years and St Augustine was one of my favorite places to go! I just moved to the PNW. It’s so different here it almost feels like another country!

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    1. I loved visiting Florida but would never trade living anywhere but the PNW! It’s so beautiful here with all the mountains and the green ❤ I do wish I could have spent more time in St. Augustine though (:


      1. Oh I agree it’s so gorgeous here! The mountains are amazing!! I’m seeing more of the rainy, cloudy Washington weather lately though :/ I’m missing the sun haha

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