Now I know why they call it Pig Out!

Now I know why they call it Pig Out!

There was food everywhere I turned! I could do a 360 and I would see food vendors all around. Now I know where Pig Out in the Park gets its name lol. This year I had the pleasure of trying deep fried spinach and mushroom lasagna. I never even heard of such a thing!

I guess they could have called it Deep Fried Feast too because there was deep fried Oreo’s, Twinkies, Snickers, Milky way, and deep fried macaroni and cheese. I am sure I missed more deep fried food vendors. There was also bacon wrapped hot dogs and chocolate and white chocolate dipped cheese cake. Can you say YUMMM?!

If you are in the PNW area stop by Spokane, WA and get some fooooood! It’s going on till the 5th of September.


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