10 Things to be Happy About

10 Things to be Happy About

Hi, Hi, Hi!

Daises! I am so excited today! (Maybe I drank tooo much coffee but still!) SO I don’t know if you guys know but I am absolutely in love with thrifting and my best pieces to pick up at the thrift store are books! Guess what book I was able to pick up for just $1.99?! 14,000 things to be happy about! Did you know that it took Barbara (the author) 20 years to compile this list!

After picking up the book I figured what a great way to start 2017 and list 10 things from this book that have made me happy in the past and see how many of you have had these things happen to them! I think I will be posting 10 things from this book a few times throughout the month. I think it would be pretty cool to look back at the end of the year and see all the happy things that happened. I am so happy I was able to pick this book up because when things get tough or when I get sad I can peek into this book and see all the amazing things to be happy about!

10 Things Galina is Happy About 

1. A Trip to the Library

2. Sunlight Streaming Through the Trees

3. Sunday Naps

4. Family Time 

5. Getting a Passport 

6. Roses

7. Sugar

8. Bathtubs 

9. Receiving Forgiveness 

10. Eating What You Like and Letting the Food Fight it Out Inside

Well that’s it for today! Let me know if any of these things ever made you happy and what else makes you happy?! Love you beautiful daisies! ❤



25 thoughts on “10 Things to be Happy About

  1. I love the fact that your spread positivity and optimistic mindsets in your posts girl! Thank you for sharing <33 ALSO, in love with the photography above!!

    xx, itsgeorgiaxoxo.wordpress.com

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    1. Girl yuas!!! It’s what keeps me going everyday! The little things in life! And I think writing them down makes it even better 💕I’m with you on coffee, cute boots and good reads 100%!


  2. This reminds me that I should go out and get my passport lol This entire list is so unique and not things that I’d ordinarily would think about but surely what great things to start thinking about now that it’s in my head. I can’t believe 20 years but 14,000 things is a lot of conjure up without being redundant.

    xo, JJ

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    1. Girl yes! Once you get your passport it’s so real that you can travel anywhere! That’s so true you won’t think about these things but they do make us happy! I’m excited to post more next week! The list really makes you think and smile! I love this book! 💕

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  3. You are literally the cutest. I love alllll this post!!! So good. I need to make a list like this myself, talk about getting back into an optimistic mindset. Sending love and hugs! Have a great weekend, lovely!

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