Happy 1st Day of October! #lifeupdate

Happy 1st Day of October! #lifeupdate

Hiiii Daisies! Happy Sunday and also happy late national COFFEE day! If I remember correctly I think my first post on here was on a national coffee day like 2 years ago! I was working the whole day friday so sadly I wasn’t able to go coffee shop hoping ): I hope you drank all the coffee for me!!!

Anyway here’s a hopefully short life update cause I don’t want you to be reading a chapter book. If you seen my Maui trip post then you know I finallllly finished school in March of 2017 and got my business degree. The reason I went into business wasn’t to find a job in the business industry but to reopen my massage business. I wanted to gain more knowledge on running a small business and learn how to market and advertise. I was running my own massage business years ago but ended up moving and closing the business. The town I moved to was sooo small (the biggest store was Wal*Mart and we had 2 stoplights in town) that the only thing to do was go back to school and thankfully they had a college! Last year I had to move back to Spokane WA in order to finish my business degree. When I graduated I got a job at a local spa massaging but I was constantly thinking about reopening my own business.

I started looking for a location for my business that I could afford. I wanted the location to be in the middle of town, free parking, and no parallel parking for my clients. After searching for a few months I signed a lease on August 1st 2017!

I officially opened the doors to Belladona’s Massage August 14th! The process took some time because I had to get a business city license, add the landlord to my insurance, and get all my social media accounts started. As of right now I am operating as a sole proprietor but hopefully soon I can transfer to an LLC. I found an amazing lady that worked with me to create my logo which ended up exactly how I pictured it!

Belladona's Massage Logo-01

I’ve been having trouble with getting business cards printed so I’m still working on that. I have my gift certificates available and flyers all printed up! Now I’m trying to figure out what the best marketing platform is for massage services. I’ve reached out to a few company’s the see how much it costs to advertise through them so we’ll see. Decorating the room was pretty fun but also hard because I was going for a certain look so to find everything that I needed took a while. I did do a video tour on my facebook if you want to check it out and follow me 🙂

Working on my business is a constant struggle and sometimes I wonder if this was my dream or God’s. I’ve been praying for wisdom and for Him to work through me because if this wasn’t His plan for me then I don’t want it. I know the only way to recognize His voice is to be in a relationship with Him so I’ve been working on that. I ended up deleting my personal instagram because I felt that I was letting it control me and I just wasn’t in a good state of mind and neglected my business page. I do have a business instagram page belladonas.massage, if you followed me on there I would appreciate it with all my heart!

I’m still working at the local spa three days a week and absolutely love working there! I’m going on 8 months since I’ve been there and I’ve been staying so busy!

So when I’m not working on my business or at the spa I’m out exploring coffee shops,,, duh lol! I’m trying to get into a connect group at my church that meet once a week but so far I’ve missed the first two because of work. I’m trying to get organized with a planner so I can write in everything I have to do and where I have to go. I’m going to Seattle for a friend’s wedding the third week in October so looking forward to explore Seattle! Add me on my insta at belladonas.massage to follow along on my adventure when I go to Seattle!

Now that I got my life update out the way I can post more content for YOU daisies! I am planning to do a thrifted fall lookbook for you guys in the next few weeks! Love you guys sooo much and comment below what you are looking forward this fall season cause danggg it’s here already! ❤


Guest Post: The Promise

Guest Post: The Promise

As sophomore in High School I made a decision, a big decision, one that our world today almost frowns upon and does not understand. I received quite a bit of ridicule and a lot of misunderstanding for it. Because of this decision I guess you could say I really stand out to people, especially in the small town that I am from.

I made a promise to my future husband that I will stay sexually pure until the day that I get married. And boy oh boy I had no idea what I was signing up for. Only now that I look back do I realize that it was than when I made that promise that the temptations started. My snapchat and Facebook messages began blowing up with guys talking to me. Literally one after the other, it’s like I had a target on my back every day at school. And it was actually than, at the end of my sophomore year that I had the biggest fall. I began talking to someone who slowly but surely started taking my heart away from my First Love. All day and night id constantly be texting this person, we were technically dating just “without the label”. At first he was very understanding about my decisions of purity. But as time went by he started getting “impatient” and our conversations always touched on this subject and before I knew it I was really starting to reconsider my decision. I thought to myself that “hey since I’m probably going to marry this guy it’ll be okay.” Our conversations turned from being sweet and innocent to being un-pure and evil. Now I say evil because it was leading me away from God. My heart breaks at the thought of this but I literally put God on the back burner. And so I began to deal with things that I never before thought I would have to deal with. I’d hear stories about these kind of things but to think that I? Would have to go through it was unreal. Things like hatred towards myself, dis-trust towards others even to those closest to me. I became short tempered and didn’t want to hear a thing from my parents.

You see that’s what happens when God no longer is a priority in your life, when you lose track of your First Love and let the world and its earthly desires take over. But for some reason even at my lowest of moments He was always with me. Through it all God helped me keep my promise that I made my future husband. I sit here writing this, soon to be 18 year old girl, who to this day has still never even kissed a guy. I know that for many people now a days’ kissing isn’t something special or sacred any more, but for me it is. It’s something that I will give to my husband on our wedding day.

But that is only half of the story of what my ring stands for. Not only is it a promise to my future husband that I am waiting for him. But it’s a promise to God, that I will forever pursue him. That no matter what trials I go through in life I will always seek my God first. And I will never lose sight of my First Love. That I will never go back to the past, the past of addiction, self-hate, lying and dis-trust. God said “Come to me all who are weary and I will Give you rest” I believe in those words. I cast away all my fears and trust that He has a plan for my life. ‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Jeremiah 29:11

Written by: _kristinakalina