Happy Friday Daises <3

Happy Friday Daises <3

I can not believe it’s the last day of September! And it’s October tomorrow! I know the first day of fall was last week but for me it feels like real fall when October comes and 2016 is flying by so fast! It will be 2017 in NO TIME! Anyway, not only do I love fall but I love Fridays! Especially this quarter because I have no class or work on Fridays. So every week for me is a 3 day weekend and I LOVE it! I woke up this morning with this view outside my window,,, it just screamed fall with all those gorgeous colors!


Today I used my day off to catch up in my classes with some homework and took a test (in my pajamas, in bed, and with coffee!!!). I also had some time to catch up on my readings! I have so much books that I thrift all the time, but the hard thing is finding time to read them all! I am thinking of doing a thrifted books haul soon! So  look out for that! ❤

I also took advantage and planned out my next week in my new planner. Which I am obsessed with! I love staying organized and using my planner especially in those times when there is so much homework and tests always coming up.

I am not bold enough (yet) to wear the beautiful dark lip colors in the fall! I am hoping soon enough I will be? Maybe it’s cause I am so light skinned that it looks way too dark? I don’t know, but here are my favorite nude lip colors that I will still wear into fall!

Last thing I have planned for today is go grocery shopping and get some food into the house! You would think no one lived in our place with how empty our refrigerator is! I am thinking of making ricotta stuffed pasta shells for dinner tonight! I am so excited! I can’t remember the last time I actually made dinner instead of going out.

I hope you daises had a lovely Friday and enter October with a smile on your face and peace on your heart ❤ Thank you for reading ❤


First Apartment must haves!

First Apartment must haves!

I ended up moved into my first apartment 2 weeks ago. I know most people move out as soon as they hit 18 but I never really had a reason to move out of my parents home until now at age 26. In order to finish my Business Degree I have to take classes that aren’t offered at our small local college. So it was time to pack up and move to a bigger city. Never having to live on my own I had to start from scratch with all the furniture and appliances. Thankfully my sister decided to move in with me, so we could split the cost on everything.

I have made a list of thing that you will need for when you just move in. Hopefully this list helps you when you decide to move for the first time:

  1. Toilet paper
  2. Dish soap and sponges
  3. Spoons/forks/plates/cups
  4. Soap for the bathroom
  5. Paper towels
  6. Couches
  7. Table and chairs
  8. Door mat
  9. Cleaning supplies
  10. Trash can and trash bags
  11. Pots and pans
  12. Ziploc bags/aluminum foil/plastic wrap
  13. Cutting board
  14. Knifes/can opener/spatula/pizza cutter
  15. Shower curtain and rings to hold it
  16. Bath mats/towels/small trash can for the bathroom
  17. Laundry soap/fabric softener
  18. Vacuum cleaner/ floor mop/ broom and dustpan
  19. Toilet plunger
  20. First aid kit

I know I have missed a few things, if you can think of some, comment them below!