10 Things That Make Me Happy edition 3

10 Things That Make Me Happy edition 3


Happy Tuesday Daisies!

I haven’t done one of these type of posts for awhile now but randomly pulled out my book, 14,000 Things to be Happy About, while having some me time and decided to share with you daisies 10 things that make me happy! You can check out my last two posts on this book here and here 🙂 I’ve been fighting a cold for the past week and so my sister-in-law dropped off a bath bomb for me to try by Serene_Glow and the smell was absolutely amazing and the colors were divine!

10 Things Galina is Happy About

  1. Going to bed before you get sleepy
  2. Bonfire colors
  3. Special coffee
  4. Hugs
  5. Writing a poem
  6. Bringing slippers and wearing comfortable clothes to visit someone for tea
  7. Roses
  8. Quiet
  9. July afternoons roaring and rumbling with thunderstorms
  10. Curling your hair

I want to know what made YOU happy this past few months?! For me it’s hard to notice the positive and the happy things going on in my life and it’s ALWAYS the small things in life! With this book, I can read it and agree with so many of the things that make me happy in life that I don’t even notice!

I am working on a life update post for you guys with what has been going on with my life and some of my fears and goals in life for the end of the year so stay tuned for that! Love you! ❤

WHAT? I chopped my hair? #beforeandafter

WHAT? I chopped my hair? #beforeandafter


Oh my! I have missed you guys soooo much! I have missed keeping up with you guys and seeing what’s going on with everyone! I know I have been gone for a long while but so much crazy stuff has been happening, with me opening up my own business and still working at the spa that I got hired in March and trying to enjoy summer while it’s still here. But I am not gonna lie guys I am soooo ready for Fall!!!

Today I want to talk about what yesterday’s crazy experience! I have wanted to chop my long hair ever since last year but was to afraid and always asking myself what if it doesn’t look good, what if I don’t like it, and  what if my hairstylist messes up! I am turning 28 next week the 31st of August and for the past month I have been looking at youtube video clips on before and after long hair to short bob haircuts and looking at pinterest inspiration and I said, “Lets do it!” I decided that for my birthday this year I will get my haircut and do something that I was afraid to do! I kept telling myself it will grow back it’s just hair and you know what it’s true but I think I will keep it this short! I am in LOVE with it! Anyways let’s get started!

Before getting to my appointment I found some pictures of what I want to have my hair look like and styled and made sure to show it my hairstylist. Here are some pictures that I showed her:


After showing her the pictures she braided my hair because I decided to donate it. My sister was with me so she took some pictures of the process. It happened so fast I didn’t even have time to react and my hair was gone! Overall I am so happy I cut my hair off! Now I can massage at work without having to always put my hair up in a bun and this morning I got up and it took me 15 minutes to tousle my hair, put makeup on and get dressed! Here’s some pictures of my hairstylist cutting my hair and some before and after pictures I took:


My hairstylist did a really good job on giving me what I asked for but I will be going in to have her cut a little bit off in the front. I feel like its a little bit of a slight a line cut so I want to get the front length to match my back length! I posted a picture on my instagram page at justalittlebitofcoffee ! If you are not following me on there please do and I will follow back! I would love to stay connected through there!

What do you think of the cut? Should I have kept my hair long or short?! Let me know in the comments! I would love some feedback! I got eyelash extensions for the first time a few days ago so I think I will be giving my review if they are worth it or not! Stay tuned for the before and after eyelash extensions pictures! Love you guys with all my heart ❤


Graduation Present: Maui Trip #coffeeedition

Graduation Present: Maui Trip #coffeeedition

HI! I know it’s literally been months since I posted because so much new things has been happening in my life! As you can see I finished my Business degree and bought myself a ticket to Maui to visit my best friend! I made a post about my bestie here! Check it out if you are needing things to do with your best friend! So Diana (the bestie) ended up moving to Kihei, Maui with her hubby and I got to go and visit her for 10 days! I just flew back home on Saturday the 6th of May! I posted a few pictures on my instagram of the trip at justalittlebitofcoffee!

We did so much exploring and adventuring in Maui that I know it will take a few posts because I took over 1,000 pictures so will have to narrow it down and choose my favorites! This post will be all about the coffee shops that I got to go to! My most favorite breakfast/coffee place was Belle Surf Cafe Coffeehouse & Crepes. One of my photos from my instagram got featured on their instagram page! The cafe was literally 3 minutes from my friends house which made it perfect to start the day there! The baristas are the nicest there! Always friendly and super fast service! Honestly the thing I miss most about my Maui trip was all the coffee dates I got to go on with Diana! I miss the talks we had over our coffee!

Another of my favorite coffee shops was Akamai Coffee Co. This is another coffee shop within a few minutes of my friends house. Their interior is soooo cute! Very bohemian! We came here a few times during my stay in Kihei, Maui.

Quick story: So while we were driving to get my last coffee before I was to fly out we see whole bunch of cop cars parked in front of the coffee shop blocking the road and having people detour around. We think nothing of this and head to park in the back. We start walking up to the coffee shop’s back door and see a guy sitting on the pavement in handcuffs with a cop wearing all green and holding a rifle talking to him. There’s a crowd now watching the guy but we walk in and ask the barista what is going on. Apparently there was a bomb threat next door inside Jack in the Box and all the businesses were being evacuated. As I start handing my card over to pay for my drink a muscular guy holding a rifle walks in and tells us that they are treating the threat as real and we need to evacuate the premises! My friend and I head to Akamai’s drive through location cause we still needed our caffeine! After my friend tells the baristas what just happened in their other coffee shop the girls give us free coffee for being loyal customers! What a morning that was! 

With our free coffee!!!

In Paia we ended up going to 2 different coffee shops. Our first one was the Honolulu Coffee, we stopped here twice, on two different days and enjoyed the delicious coffee. Before our drive to Hana we stopped by Paia Bay Coffee for breakfast. The food was super good and coffee even better!

Overall I was impressed with how good Maui’s coffee was! I remember when I went to Florida on vacation and couldn’t find ANY good coffee shops with good coffee! I will definitely be back to Maui! I will be making another post of the beaches and the road to hana that we took, the aquarium we visited when it rained and the whales blow hole we hiked down to! Love you daisies! ❤

Lets Talk Business

Lets Talk Business

I once remember reading somewhere, “The biggest mistake a small business can make is to think like a small business.” Would you agree with that quote? Is our mistake in growing successful is in the way we think? Are we scared of failure? I think this is true in my case. I am self-employed as a massage therapist and had my own little business and was happy with how things were going but then I ended up moving and now I am back and scared to start because what if I fail? What if this time instead of succeeding I will mess up?

Wednesday I had an amazing opportunity to attend a free seminar hosted by Robert Haase. His story is remarkable! In 2008 he lost his business, house and was diagnosed with cancer. In 2013 his cancer was back and had to get half of his tongue cut off. The doctors used some of forearm skin to reconstruct the other half of his tongue. Now he is a motivational speaker, got his business back and has become successful once again . Read more of his story. Robert hosted a seminar called, “Secrets to Growing your Massage Business.”

I was so happy to be able to attend this seminar. I learned so much! And most of the stuff was all common sense but just stuff you never think about. This was exactly what I needed to get my butt back in gear. As of couple days ago I’ve been looking for some office space I could rent. So far no luck, but I am not giving up. This is my dream so why was I procrastinating? I just want to remind everyone, including myself, that it’s NEVER too late to start! I am looking forward to the future and excited to see where I will be in 5 years from now.

If you have any questions business related leave me a comment below or any advice for someone that is just starting their business I would love to hear some feedback! ❤



The trip may be over but the mission never ends….

The trip may be over but the mission never ends….

I don’t even know where to begin. Sometimes some things and feelings you can’t put into words, it’s a “you had to be there” kind of thing.

So lets just start from the beginning. Preparing for this week long, mission trip to Mexico took two months. Getting a skit organized for the rehabilitation centers, learning Spanish songs, weekly meetings, working on kids activities for the orphanages, and getting ready spiritually with prayer and fasting took a lot of effort considering I still had college full time, work, and working on my volunteer hours. The last week before we left was filled with so much homework, finals, packing, sleep deprivation, buying last minute stuff, and making sure we had everything that we might need. Surprisingly with everything going on, I wasn’t stressing out because I knew in my heart that God would work everything out.

Our group meet up at Maranatha Church in Spokane Valley at 7pm Friday March 18th. We had the church pray for us before we all loaded up into 2 vans. The drive was very long but beautiful, we drove through Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. After 26 hours we were at our destination, San Louis Rio Colorado, Mexico.


We had all of Sunday to meet the other group from Everett and to practice our skits, singing, and stories for the kids. We went out for tacos because it was our first official day in Mexico. Because of our group being so big and having close to 50 people we decided to split up for some of the days.

Instead of talking about every single day, I’ll just summarize the whole trip because I’m sure you don’t want to be sitting here reading this into the next day.

Our wake up calls were at 7am but I would get up at 6am so I would have time to shower (the girls had only 3 showers so if we wanted to shower we either waited till very late at night or very early) and read the bible. We had breakfast at 7:30 each day and prayer would start at 8am. Usually by 10am we would be on our way to our first service. By 1pm we would be headed to our second service of the day. After our second service we would head back to the house and have lunch at at about 3pm. Close to 5 or 6pm we would be off to our third and last service of the day. We would usually get home around 8 or 9pm and have dinner. After dinner every night we would all get in a circle and each of u took a turn talking about what we experienced that day. Our bed time usually ended up being around 2am almost every night.

On one of our days half of the group including me went to Mexicali to visit orphanages. The pictures above are from a Christian orphanage in Mexicali. The married couple that run this orphanage adopted a lot of the kids and run it as a family. I was here last May and seen a lot of the same kids that were here this time in March. This orphanage is pretty small and has about 15 kids. We colored, did crafts (made duct tape tulips around pens), sang songs, and prayed  with them.

The pictures above are from another orphanage in Mexicali. This one is a little bit bigger they have about 50 kids. I’ve also been at this orphanage once or twice before in the past years but I don’t think I seen any of the same kids here as before.

There were so many blessings and miracles on this trip. We felt God’s presence every minute and every day. At one of the men’s rehabilitation center there was a young man, he was probably 21-25, he got set free when we were there. He kept on raising his hands and saying, “I am free, I am free.” He knew a little bit of English and one of our guys talked to him. He accepted Jesus before in his life but fell back into sin so when we got there God worked on his heart and set him free. His face was literally shining!! I’ve never seen anyone so happy. He couldn’t stop smiling and crying from happiness. I can still see his face right now, it was something else! The kids there are so simple and precious, all they want is love and someone to play with. They don’t have wifi or computers but you can see they are content with digging in the sand or playing soccer.

God did so much in me, but I will share that in a next post. I will say this though, that little voice in your head that tells you to get up early and read your bible or to go downstairs and help with peeling carrots, go and do it! You shall receive blessings! I thank God for giving me opportunities to go and serve His people. I am also very thankful for the people in my life that were praying for us while we were in Mexico. Let us recognize God’s voice and be obedient to Him.